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These applications can transfer information to corporate systems from any point in the Oil and Gas fields, and they can also provide information in the field, where decisions have to be made. Mobile information systems are of great help in measuring and improving operational, environmental and maintenance tasks. 

Access to updated information at well sites and
production facilities.
Load data in situ, maximizing user time for operative tasks.
Eliminates paper documentation.
Automatically upates data in vertical systems.
Avoids information duplicity.
Timely query of corporate data.
Supports and ensures execution of work procedures.
Oil & Gas Mobile applications
Production Control
Mobile applications for
Production Control involve
well-testing workflow, and well stops and losses records. 
Well File
It allows access, from any spot in the Field, to all the information referring to well characteristics, operations made, and well equipment. 
Field Maintenance
This family of applications is focused on simplifying the maintenance tasks for facilities and equipment, and to assure its completion in the field. 
Security and Environmental

These applications are oriented to assure the completion of frequent Security and Environmental Controls. 
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