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RMtools lets reservoir teams keep integrated, motivated and focused on the efficient management of every aspect of the business plan. 

Providing a productive environment where goals, forecasts and performance indicators flow naturally from field operation, it assures utmost profit for each individual activity.  A high level of synergy among the members of the project team is achieved through an empowerment approach at the same time that top-level-tracking is automatically instrumented. 

Planning, tracking and evaluation of Development Projects.
Realtime evaluation of economic results.
Flow-of-information integration (operative information,
accountable information, strategic planning, etc)

RMtools applications
Typical Well.
Handy tool for evaluating production statistics, costs and physical activity indicators. 
Production forecast.
Automated tool that estimates future production for a whole plan, individual projects or even single wells. 
The tool for creating and updating business plans. 
Economic impact
Calculates the impact of each operation on the economic results of wells and facilities. 
Economic evaluation.
Obtains different economic indicators from the information used and generated by RMtools.
Permits the evaluation of the evolution of each aspect of a business plan. Enables the evaluation of deviations from the original plan or any point in its history. 
Dynamic Benchmarking
Defines goals for operative people in each single operation, in the same way that managers set goals for project leaders.
Project Monitoring
Decision-support tool that allows you to evaluate the performance of the whole project and analyze the impact of each component comparing it to its expected performance. 
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